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Students cuts energy consumption in their home by 56%

Friday 04-07-2014 - 11:25
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Energize Worcester makes saving energy in privately rented accommodation easy and rewarding.

They've just given their energy saving champion award to 3rd year student Anthony Ball who has helped his house cut down on their energy usage by an astonishing 56%.

By using the innovative energy dashboard which plots energy usage in graphs you can read at a glance, it's an tool which makes maintaing momentum on cutting down energy really simple.

We spoke to Anthony about his success, and how students can save more energy in their homes.

56% energy reduction is absolutely incredible. Where did you make the savings? What actions did you take?

Thank you! We made the savings mainly through our gas bill, all it took was one afternoon to sit down and plan with the house when it would be best to turn the heating on, rather than people turning it on randomly throughout the day.

I also bought electronic timer plugs for the important appliances that we could set to turn on or off at certain times. It took the pressure away as it meant that things would switch themselves off so we didn’t have to worry about forgetting.

What motivated you to save all of this energy? 

I got involved in Energize Worcester through being closely involved with my students’ union, we were motivated to save the energy by an excessive bill we received in 2nd year. Between September 2012 – March 2013 we went £700 over on our gas bill (this was in addition to the £700 we’d already paid in monthly bills between us).

It was terrifying that such a high amount of money could be spent on energy so quickly. 

Do you think other students can do what you did? 

I certainly think other students can do the same. As I say it took no time at all to plan when the boiler should go on, rather than leaving it on all night long for example. Timer plugs are also inexpensive, we ran other appliances such as dehumidifiers for a damp bedroom and the timers made all the difference.

I would recommend taking the same steps, also try to take meter readings once a month and keep record so that if the bills jump up unexpectedly, you can easily track when this happened and why. Minimum effort for peace of mind.

One final step is to perhaps set up a house Facebook group. It means that all messages can be passed on quickly and easily and you don’t have to worry about who knows what as it’s all online.



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