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Making the connection between consumption and impact at Growhampton

Monday 17-03-2014 - 12:55

Celia Briseid is currently in their second year of studying Anthropology at the University of Roehampton. She is also president of the Rainforest Society, a Green Impact team leader for the education department and a Growhampton environment and food blogger.

Celia tells us about her engagement with Growhampton, as our first in a series of stories from students across the Students' Green Fund projects:

The timing could not have been better. The year it all changed for me, was also the year when Growhampton was launched as the new sustainability project at the university.

During my first year at the university, one of my lectures held such an inspiring lecture, that it opened my eyes to a whole new way of life. I changed my lifestyle in certain ways by eating/using organic, palm-oil free and more homemade food and products. I also started my own society at the university, joined the Green Impact team and got engaged in Growhampton. 

When I heard about Growhampton for the first time I thought that it was such an amazing project and such a good idea to introduce to a fairly urban London university. I loved the idea of being able to grow my own vegetables at the uni, and to get a proper plot to help to do so. I have never grown anything my whole life, but now 6 months later I have got my own allotment at the uni. and seedlings starting to sprout at my balcony. I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to pick the vegetables I have grown myself.

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to start blogging for Growhampton. In the Rainforest Society, one of our aims is to create awareness among staff and students about the impact they can have on the planet through the products they buy. I am first of all thinking about the issue with palm-oil which is destroying the rainforest in South-East Asia and now also in Africa.  Species are on the verge of being extinct and people are having their lives disrupted. One of the best ways to avoid palm-oil is to make food from scratch. Processed foods, chocolate and biscuits are the worst to contain palm-oil, so I am hoping that by blogging for Growhampton I could get some people to see the value of a home cooked meal, which can be beneficial in more ways than just to avoid palm-oil.

What I wish more than anything is that more staff and students get involved in Growhampton. Not only can Growhampton offer organic and Fair Trade food products, they are also focusing on a more sustainable and green lifestyle where one uses what one has got or re-uses what someone else no longer needs. I think it is so important, considering the lives most of us are living today that we take one step back and have a look what kind of world we actually are living in and what kind of world we would like our future generations to inherit from us.

Through my own engagement, the environmental department and Growhampton I have learned so incredibly much in just 8 months, and I have never felt more like myself like I do now. I am so excited for my vegetables to grow and to learn more about growing my own food. I have met so many great people that share my views, and I am constantly learning how I can do my part to care of the not just the local, but also the whole planet’s environment.

- Celia Briseid 

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