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Sustainability rockets through Falmouth and Exeter

Monday 02-06-2014 - 12:26
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In August last year the FXU (Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union) won the bid for the funding from NUS Students' Green Fund, and ever since it's been blossoming.

Lead by Stephen Murphy, the Green Living Project has engaged students from the start and has created jobs. Teams such as "The Wasters" are a team of composters, compost food waste from the university hall's flats. We also have "Team Cosy" who are a team of trained home energy assessors. Jobs in the green living project expand as it develops, and they are a great opportunity for students to earn some cash and learn new skills.

Since day one, the university has been immersed in events from the Green Living Project. These create awareness to pro-environmental activities and thinking as well as offering social opportunities for like-minded students. The Green Living Project has resurrected old societies such as the Homegrown society which allow students to grow their own fruit and veg in the university allotments. The Homegrown society is oversubscribed as more and more students flock to it.

In the Green Living Project it's important for the students to be apart of it. The events are conducted in fun and creative ways and bring in many students, such as the whole "Go Green Week", created to help establish the students' first interest, it engaged students in a week of pro-environmental activities.

Making them aware of what the Green Living Project is about and what it has to offer to them . The Green Living Project has been very successful. It thrives in action as it upkeeps a healthy momentum, but let's hear what the students have to say

- Rhiannon Clark


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