Sustainability Projects With Real Impact and Legacy.

Turning students’ unions into hubs of sustainability.

Students’ Green Fund provides students’ unions with the funding to develop transformative, student-led sustainability projects with real impact and legacy.

Using £5 million of HEFCE funding, NUS has helped 26 students’ unions from across England to develop ambitious greening projects, leading to step-changes in pro-environmental behaviour across higher education.

With student engagement at the heart of all 25 projects, NUS is supporting initiatives ranging from greening student homes, to creating growing spaces on campuses; from up-cycling cafes, to developing sustainable transport for physically disabled students.

Embedding sustainability into the core purpose of higher education, Students’ Green Fund will empower cohort after cohort of graduates to leave their time in education as part of the solution to our environmental challenges.

Through holistic approaches like greening the curriculum and developing widespread behaviour change, Students’ Green Fund turns students’ unions into hubs of sustainability at the heart of their wider communities, and helps students to adopt pro-environmental habits which last far beyond their time in education.

Browse our projects to find out what student-led greening is happening in your community, and to see the positive impact that the student movement is having on sustainability across England.