Celebrating our work at the House of Lords

Supporting Sustainability Projects

Celebrating our work at the House of Lords

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We’re celebrating the positive impact of Students’ Green Fund with a parliamentary reception at the House of Lords, bringing together all 25 projects with NUS president Toni Pearce.

Our £5 million fund is supporting transformative greening action right across the country, embedding sustainability into the core purpose of education.

80 per cent of you tell us each year that you want your institutions to be doing more on sustainability. Students’ Green Fund is making that happen, forging new partnerships between students’ unions and their parent institutions, as well as within the local community.

NUS president Toni Pearce spoke to the reception on the success of Students’ Green Fund, and how its work is so integral to what we do. Whether it’s increasing academic achievement, integrating students with their local communities, or providing essential employability skills, the value these projects bring to students has been incredible.

She also revealed that 70 per cent of students are concerend that climate change will affect their lives. We share the same concerns, and that’s why this work is such a huge priority for NUS. Students’ Green Fund is giving you a voice on sustainability, and is helping emerging graduates become part of the solution to our environmental problems.

MP Paul Uppal – PPS to David Willetts – also addressed the reception, praising the work of NUS on sustainability. “This is a good news story”, he said. “Let’s talk about it”. 

Thanks to all of you who’ve engaged with Students’ Green Fund projects this year – today’s parliamentary reception is to celebrate your amazing achievements. We’ve seen new letting agencies for green homes. We’ve seen cross-city sustainable Masterchef competitions. We’ve seen delicious social enterprises expand across our movement. And we’re going to see a lot more to come.

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